Fashion Option
WEARING YOUR SHIRT TAIL OUT has become a fashion option, but even in innovation there are reasons and rules. REASONS: Some shirt tails have interesting trims hat are worth showing, and they may complete a look with turned-up cuffs and collars that reveal contrast linings. RULES: Don't untuck your tails to hide something, like belly bulge or pants pleats, but to complete a set of cool coordinates, like a sport coat with jeans. Or, if you're a real rebel, put on your favorite shirt, let it all hang out, and check audience reaction.
Wardrobe Wisdom
Tying The Perfect Knot
THE PERFECT DIMPLE on your tie is as welcome as the dimple on a baby's cheek, and much easier to achieve. KEEPING THE TIE FLAT AND OPEN, place your index finger between the first loop and the fabric under it. HOLD IT there as you pull the end of the tie through the top of the loop, then tighten it to reveal the dimple. SUP your finger out, tighten the knot to the firmness you prefer, and raise it to your collar. If you want a classic off-center look, just play with the tie below the knot until you've achieved that touch of swagger.
A Worthy Investment
SHOE TIPS, FOR FUNCTION AND FASHION Polish them right after you've worn them, and let them rest for a day between wearings, with shoe trees inside. If they're wet, let them dry naturally Apply leather balm, then a good polish or cream. Use a liquid edge dressing for the edges of the sole and heel (but nowhere else) Then brush and buff. Top quality paste polishes and brushes are available in stores, and your best buff cloth and applicator is as available as your nearest old T-shirt. .