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St. Croix men's trouser collection features all wool and high performance fabrications. Hand tailored in Italy with exceptional quality features.  St. Croix's unparalleled quality, craftsmanship, fit and design have earned recognition throughout the world.  This season, the St. Croix design team has translated the latest European trends and colors into luxury men's sportswear with an American fit and contemporary style.
St Croix

St Croix

St. Croix's trousers are considered to be one of the best in quality and style.


Ballin is the leading manufacturer and marketer of better men's dress slacks in North America. Founded as a local interest in the Montreal area by Charles Balinsky  in 1946, the company grew under his leadership as it expanded into the broader Canadian market, always keeping the focus on what they knew best. This philosophy has dominated Ballin until the present day, and men's trousers are still its only product.


Ballin manufactures the finest trousers sold in North America
A Coppley trouser is built using a combination of old world tailoring skills and modern technology. Coppley trousers can be made in any one of three makes – dress, sport (casual) and the new modern “hybrid” make. The various Coppley fits have been engineered to address the specific needs of the body types of the North American male. Simply put, our trousers are inspired by European fashion, but tailored for the North American consumer.
Coppley offers a complete variety of styles to address the individual needs of your customers.
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