Our tailors take intricate measurements to ensure each piece fits you perfectly and reflects your personal style. Yes, a well-made, well-tailored off-the-rack suit will look great on you. But how many times have you found almost the right suit look, but not in the color or fabric weight you want? Perhaps the shoulder pads on a jacket just don't feel quite like "you." Now imagine that great-looking off-the-rack suit with all the finishing touches you really want to define your own style.
What is "Made-To-Measure"?
Our expert tailors take between 15 and 50 individual measurements, going way beyond inseam and neck size. Everyone's torso is shaped differently, so three to five measurements are taken there, for example, with several more taken across the upper back (the "YOKE" of a shirt or jacket being among the most challenging and particular component). We'll take into account how you stand, how you sit, what you do with your arms on a daily basis, even the size of your wristwatch (allowing more space in the cuff on that wrist).
First The Fit
From SURGEONS BUTTONS to side or rear venting, you can choose the construction details in which you feel most confident-and confidence is the whole point of a suit, isn't it? In addition, even if you're shopping for traditional colors or pinstripes, a creative collar or jacket lining, or an unusual button stance will create a subtle individuality that helps define your personal style. If you really want to stand out at the next board meeting, our tailors and sales associates will help identify what colors, patterns and cuts work best on you.
Next The Style
What? You think waiting 3 to 5 weeks for your suit is less convenient than buying off the rack? Perhaps, but consider two things: You're already probably waiting a few days to a week for the final tailoring.  More importantly, however, once we've got all your measurements and preferences plugged into our computers, you really don't have to come back in to fit for new suits. Call us, let us know what you need, and we can take it from there. We'll even call you when we think something new will fit your style and needs.
Then There's The Convenience
Thanks to today's technology, MTM suits are a viable option for most men able to buy better clothing. With prices ranging from about $900 to about $5,000 per suit and $100 to $500 per shirt, they run only slightly more than off-the-rack (but with all that superior fit and styling), and far less than custom-made or bespoke suits (while still personalizing the look and feel of each piece). So what are you waiting for? Stop by the store and visit our massive MADE-TO-MEASURE department for a consultation!
Finally The Price